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I am a non-religious person. That is, I don't believe in gods or God of any sort . Now that I have told you about my 'religious' beliefs , let me elaborate further . I don't stop there . Being non-religious doesn't mean I have no other ideological leaning . To tell you , I am a secular humanist as well as a feminist. By shunning supernatural beliefs , I derive my strength and comfort from purely naturalistic explanations. I believe Science and Scientific Evidence is supreme in all spheres of life; and I earnestly pursue for promoting Science , Freethought and Skepticism in India using social networking sites like Facebook. I am an avid nature and wildlife lover . Especially tigers . And I am also a science enthusiast , rationalist and humanist , progressive, pragmatic and optimist , skeptic and naturalist and many other things . I also love photography , long rides on bike. Music , Books are my passion . And I love visiting new places ; both crowded cities and quiet nature , archaeological sites and historical places. I am also a Software Developer by profession having more than five years of experience in leading Indian MNCs. This is a short and honest attempt by me to tell you briefly about me. I hope I was clear enough. Thanks for reading.

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